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Interview Beatmaker : Kondor (Pologne)

Vendredi 30 Octobre 2015

De retour d'une tournée au Japon durant laquelle il a promu la sortie de son nouvel album "Escapism ", Kondor a réalisé un mix exclusif pour Magical Mystery Mix dont la sélection retrace les morceaux de Hip Hop qui l'ont influencé ces dernières années.

En attendant de pouvoir l'écouter lors de la  prochaine émission qui aura lieu samedi soir à partir de 23 heures, voici un interview auquel l'artiste a répondu pour radio Laser.

- Could you introduce yourself for those who don't know you  and your music yet ?

Hello my name is Konrad aka Kondor. I'm 26 years old and I come from Poland. I'm a music producer and DJ, I make jazzy/soulful hip hop beats.

- When did you start producing ? What were/are your influences ?

I started making music in 2006. My biggest influence of all the time is 9th Wonder. Some of my first beats sounds similar to his style. Then I met Nujabes and Nomak music and I started making some chill hip hop tracks.

- You're very popular in Japan, why did you choose to release your album in this country ?

I didn't choose Japan, Japan chose me (rires). In 2008 I got a message on myspace from one of the hip hop label in Japan called Yanase Productions and they offered me a 3 years contract. I released 4 official albums in Japan working with different labels.

- You've came on tour around the country recently, what do you think about Japanese public on stage ?
Japanese public surprised me a lot. They just starying at you, recording, making photos and...that's all. You don't exactly know if they enjoy it or not. It's a very stressful way for DJ's but it's still fun.

- Could you live in this country ? Why ?

I wish! I want to live in Tokyo and I will be looking for a way to make it happen. The culture is so different but in a good way. People are so kind and helpful, I can feel safe at every part of the day or night. I love big cities and Tokyo is definitely one of them. I want to move there next year but it won't be easy!

- Can you name 5 essential Japanese albums you won't get out of your records bag ?

Nujabes - Metaphorical Music
Nomak - Calm
DJ Okawari - Diorama
Cradle Orchestra - Velvet Ballads
Shinsight Trio - Shallow Nights, Blurry Moon

- You are from Poland, how's the beat making scene in your country ? What about Hip hop more generally ?

Polish hip hop is a very closed market. It's all about the connections, more than talent I guess. I don't listen to polish hip hop because in my opinion the polish language accent don't fit well to hip hop beats. There are some good producers in Poland but I also don't listen to them much. Looks like I'm out of polish hip hop scene (rires). The kind of music I make is not popular in Poland at all.

- Do you play any instrument ? How do you usually choose your samples in your productions ?

I play piano but just a little bit. I used a lot of samples from Japan animations soundtracks and also some of the jazzy artists samples. I also make a lot of beats on soul samples but I don't share it with anyone, it's just for me.

- What are your upcoming projects ?

Now I have a little break of making music because I just released my new album. I want to focus more on DJ now, play some parties maybe some live shows. I would like to release something next year, if I have enough time.

- If you could invite one of your favorite artist at your place for lunch, who would he/she be ? What would be your first question to him/her ? And what would you cook for him/her ?

It will be 9th Wonder, that's for sure. I could ask him how is that feeling to make thousands of beats and still have energy for more. He's making maybe a few beats daily. He's a monster in production. I will cook some special polish food for him, probably RosÛ and Kotlet Schabowy (rires).


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