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Interview : Emskee

Samedi 10 Octobre 2015

E the 5th et Emskee - "The Marc Smith LP"
E the 5th et Emskee - "The Marc Smith LP"


C'est depuis son studio à Brooklyn que Marc Smith, plus connu sous le pseudonyme Emskee a généreusement concocté un mix pour Magical Mystery Mix

Le Mc / Dj ne s'est pas arrêté là et a répondu à nos questions pour vous en faire savoir plus sur son parcours, ses influences, ses projets.. Voici son interview en exclusivité pour radio Laser.

Le mix sera diffusé ce soir à partir de 23h sur radio laser.


- Any fan of boom bap, old school hip hop or jazz would appreciate your music for its authenticity, which easily transport the listener back in time. When did you start making music and what made you come into hip hop?


Surprisingly so, i'm not ACTUALLY a producer. haha I've never had equipment of my own, but always knew people who did great work and was able to work with them. I seriously started out putting things together in the studio with a young Nick Wiz back in 1990 (who went on to produce the Cella Dwellas, Chino XL, Shabbam Shaddeq, and more). We constructed a bunch of promos for various NYC radio djs, which some of them became kinda infamous, and from that, started making demos to shop around t record labels. I never signed a deal, but years later (about 5 years ago), the DWG (Diggers With Gratitude) label out of London, sought me out after somehow hearing some of my stuff, and releases two vinyl records. One of some my promos and one of some of my demos. Pretty cool. haha. 


- You're from Brooklyn, New York. What  does your city means to you musically?


Brooklyn now, has been over branded and one really doesn't now who's from brooklyn when they utter the name. There are alot of impostors out there. But although i'm originally from New Jersey, i was always in the city with friends and such hanging out so i've been to the 'old' brooklyn, where many wouldn't be proud to say they were from there. 

To answer the question directly, the Brooklyn that i know and love taught you how to carry yourself. Be tough, without necessarily being a thug, and being confident in who you are and what you do. I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn now, and its not the same as the old brooklyn, but i carry my past knowledge and experience with me into my music stylings, bringing that confidence and taste making flavor to introduce to ears looking for cutting edge sounds. That's as a DJ and an MC.  


- Can you tell us about your influences and what's currently inspiring you?


Dj-wise, my influences off the top are Dj Clark Kent, Kid Capri, Pete Rock, Stretch Armstrong, Larry Levan, and Tony Humphries. Incredible selectors that i learned from when starting out to seriously become a notable, credible dj. Various styles which helped formulate how i heard and spun music. As far as my MCing, there are too many to rattle off, but to name a few, Rakim, KRS ONE (who many said i sounded like rhyming in the early 90's), Grand Puba, Grandmaster Caz, Special Ed……the list is endless. haha. Recent MC's would include Phonte of the group little brother, my comrade in a group i'm in called the Rampagers named Oxygen, and a virtually unknown but soon to be incredible lyricist, Jesus Mason. They keep me on my toes as far as writing credible lyricism in songs. 


- I know how difficult is this to do but, could you name 5 of the most fascinating albums you've ever listened to?


Little Brother - The Listening
Organized Konfusion - Stress: The Extinction Agenda
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Mecca & The Soul Brother
Erykah Badu - Baduism
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

- What can you say about all these producers and DJ's nowadays, and how much easy it is to pretend to be using programs and softwares? 


I'd much rather not talk about them. haha. Hey, as much as i've had conversations about this topic, you can't defeat technology. A lot of my types that come from the analog sound age, have a difficult time wrapping our heads around the 'dumb down' of music, but at the end of the day, technology has created a great gift and an unfortunate curse simultaneously. It allows people who already have the knowledge to initiate credible creativity to expand their minds and go beyond what they did using analog equipment. It has also created a lane for those who really aren't ready and shouldn't be heard yet, to create and release music on the internet…..flooding the playing field, and at times occupying space and attention that someone with better ideas and skills should have. It's sickening, but the times we live in now. 


- What equipment do you use basically?


Like i said, i don't have recording equipment of my own, but i have my two Technic 1200 turntables and Pioneer mixer to create my dj mix magic.


- You've drop out a few LP's and EP's, what do yo recommend for anyone who want to have an idea of what's your music?


I'm involved in a group with my partner Saint called The Good People. People can go to our band camp page to check out all of our collaborative and solo projects. We are currently, slowly working on tracks towards a new album. 

I have a number of recent guest appearances on records from Boca 45 out of Bristol, with MacMcRaw on Cold Rock Stuff records, a joint coming out of France with Doc TMK, Dj Nice, and Dj Suspect, and a few other album and EP projects in progress.

I also have the recent collaboration album project i did with the legend, Grammy Award winning Easy Mo Bee called "Two For One". It was a 10-track vinyl only release on Fresh Pressings Records out of the UK, but it is available digitally on iTunes.  


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