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Boogie Boogie Bang Bang - Tome 131

Dimanche 7 Juillet 2013

L’hymne officiel des apéros réussis est à consommer sans modération tous les vendredis de 21h à 22h. L’émission soul / funk / rare groove / hip hop old school, un cocktail musical vitaminé pour commencer le week-end du bon pied.

Boogie Boogie Bang Bang - Tome 131
Playlist 131
gonzales - smothered mate
Caldera - synesthesia
Barrabas-Suzie Wong
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Crosstown Traffic
The Rolling Stones - Fingerprint File
Johnny Pate - You can't even walk in the park
The Gap Band - Early In The Morning
War - Sing A Happy Song
Astrud Gilberto & Marty Paich - Vivo Sonhando (Dreamer)
Arto Lindsay, Bebel Gilberto & Claudio Ragazzi - The Finale
Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You
Sam Sklair and Gus Galbraith - Computer Talk
Ain't U Freshco (Funkamental Mix)
Alvin Cash & The Crawlers - Saddle Up
The Haggis Horns - love gets you high

boogie_boogie_bang_bang___tome_131.mp3 Boogie_Boogie_Bang_Bang_-_Tome_131.mp3  (54.2 Mo)

Philippe Chapot