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Boogie Boogie Bang Bang - Tome 154

Jeudi 25 Juillet 2013

L’hymne officiel des apéros réussis est à consommer sans modération tous les vendredis de 21h à 22h. L’émission soul / funk / rare groove / hip hop old school, un cocktail musical vitaminé pour commencer le week-end du bon pied.

Boogie Boogie Bang Bang - Tome 154

Playlist 154

Mao branca – melo do mao branca
Le Pamplemousse - Do You Have Any (Do You Know Where i can get some )
Asheru and blue black of the unspoken heard – better
nujabes - sky is falling (feat. c.l. smooth)
dj format – statement of intent feat. Sureshot la rock
wu-tang clan – start the show (ft. raekwon and rza)
apollo brown and oc- prove me wrong
booker t jones – everything is everything
Jackie Dee - Love You Wholeheartedly
Raphael Saadiq - Love That Girl
Steve Arrington-Weak At The Knees
James brown – superbad superslick pt1
Horace brown – one for the money (buttnaked remix) f lost boyz
GZA - Shadowboxin' feat. Method Man

boogie_boogie_bang_bang___tome_154.mp3 Boogie_Boogie_Bang_Bang_-_Tome_154.mp3  (56.4 Mo)

Philippe Chapot

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