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DJ Baku - Origami Productions Mix [Japanese Hip-Hop] (ft. Mabanua, Ovall, Gagle, Shingo Suzuki..)

Dimanche 6 Août 2017

Dj Baku est un des DJ Hip hop les plus actifs et les plus réputés de Tokyo. Il nous présente ici son mix exclusif pour Magical Mystery Mix, dédié au label japonais Origami productions.

Tracklist :

1 Feverish Imagination (Shingo Suzuki remix) by Ovall
2 Talkin' to you by Mabanua
3 Sweetest things by Mabanua feat. Xavier Boyer from tahit
4 Who you gonna hold tight feat. Wouter Hamel by Shingo Sekiguchi
5 Planet by Ovall feat. Akhenaton from IAM
6 Holdin' it down by Mabanua feat. Kev Brown (Mabanua remix)
7 Heaven feat. Shea Soul by Gagle x Ovall
8 Lucky day feat. Ray Mann from the Ray Mann Three by 45
9 Nothing feels betters than you feat. Jimmy Abney by 45
10 Go Nowhere feat. Benny Sings by Kan Sano
11 Take U to somewhere by Ovall
12 Tokyo Jazz freak by 45
13 Grown up by Mabanua
14 Wake up by Mabanua
15 G.R.O.O.V.E. by Tomoyasu Takeuchi
16 Grown up by Mabanua
17 Wake up by Mabanua
18 Supalover by Ovall feat. 20syl and David Le Deunff of Hocus Pocus
19 Livin' Up feat. 20syl and DJ Greem from Hocus Pocus and Ol' K by Shingo Suzuki
20 Crowd feat. Twigy and Moka Only by Laidbook
21 High music feat. Blu by Shingo Suzuki
22 Feverish Imagination by Ovall
23 Open your eyes by Ovall
24 I only want you feat. Think Twice, Schubert and Manchilde by Laidbook
25 Freakshow feat. Joel Gaetrhé from Ashtraynutz by Shingo Sekiguchi
26 Crash Dance feat. Hiro-a-key by Shingo Suzuki
27 Here and now feat. Monday Michiru by Kan Sano

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