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GEISHAZ MIX Computer Mode de Medley

Lundi 28 Mars 2022

medley_computer_mode_with_voiceover.mp3 Medley_Computer Mode_with voiceover.mp3  (179.9 Mo)



Medley has been a fixture in the local Miami scene as a supporter, promoter and DJ for almost three decades. She is the driving force behind Subterranean Industry and co-founder of the Geishaz, two entities responsible for booking, promoting and recruiting a wide variety of artists and DJ’s and helping local underground music and scene preservation. Medley’s style can be described as beautifully vicious with an underlying tone of sensuality and a touch of quirkiness thrown in when the mood hits her. Medley’s love for the music comes out in her sets and in her attitude.


Laurent Montovert

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Jeudi 30 Juin 2022 - 20:00 METALOROCK -252 - EMISSION SPECIALE HIP HOP

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