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GEISHAZ MIX - Medley & Lady T mix WCRTM part deux it's

Lundi 20 Juin 2022


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Lady T-
Lady T has always had a passion for music from the moment she bought her first tape. Born and raised in Miami of Cuban descent, her love for music, art and culture began at an early age. Her musical education started with playing keyboard, which she did for several years until she took it to the next level.

Medley has been a fixture in the local Miami scene as a supporter, promoter and DJ for almost three decades. She is the driving force behind Subterranean Industry and co-founder of the Geishaz, two entities responsible for booking, promoting and recruiting a wide variety of artists and DJ’s and helping local underground music and scene preservation. Medley’s style can be described as beautifully vicious with an underlying tone of sensuality and a touch of quirkiness thrown in when the mood hits her. Medley’s love for the music comes out in her sets and in her attitude.
medley___lady_t_wcrtm_part_deux_it__s_elementary_v_1_.mp3 Medley & Lady T_WCRTM Part Deux It's Elementary_v(1).mp3  (139.62 Mo)

Laurent Montovert

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