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Gisquettes' Talks #67 - Emission du 24 mars 2017 - Playlist variée.

Mardi 28 Mars 2017

Podcast & tracklist

gisquettes___talks_67.mp3 Gisquettes' Talks 67.mp3  (82.4 Mo)

Tracklist :
Green Apple Quickstep -Dirty water
Winter – All The Things You Do
Priest – And Breeding
FeverRay - The wolf
Dolls Boxx - Loud Twin Stars
The Courtneys – Silver Velvet
Soley - Blue Leaves
Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl
X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Of Yours
Moonpools and Caterpillars - Hear
Stef Chura – Slow Motion
Scandal - Lovers
Skarlett Riot - Rising
Snail Mail – Thinning
Margaret Glaspy – Somebody to Anybody
Zola Jesus - Vessel
Big Thief – Animals
Lou Doillon - Defiant
Kississippi – Indigo
Emma Ruth Rundle - Marked for death
Pantychrist - Never love anything
The Devotchkas - Pseudo personality
Headline - The world keeps turning


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