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Gisquettes' Talks #71 - Emission du 21 avril 2017 - Interview Charly's Angels.

Mardi 25 Avril 2017

Podcast, tracklist et liens.

gisquettes___talks_71.mp3 Gisquettes' Talks 71.mp3  (82.45 Mo)

Tracklist :
Charly's Angels - Bastard
Barb Wire Dolls - Revolution
Angry Amputees - Want Dead
Stranglehold - Take Control
Charly's Angels - Up your kilt
Funeral Dress - Fade away
Burning Lady - Story of my scene
Lunachicks - Don't Want you
Central Massif - The last woman on earth
Charly's Angels - Loose Control
Action Pact - People
Flees - You cant break me
The Expelled - Make it alone



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