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Gisquettes' Talks #88 - Emission du 22 décembre 2017 - Playlist variée.

Mardi 9 Janvier 2018

Podcast & Tracklist.

gisquettes___talks_88.mp3 Gisquettes' Talks 88.mp3  (82.42 Mo)

Tracklist :
Eat My Fear – Still ok not to drink
Eric & Erica- All the time (live)
Little Jinder – Eat My Fears
The Flowers - Confession
Bye Bye Nathalie – Goin To Do
Mystic Priestess - Toxic masculinity
Make-Overs  – Go For the Neck (live)
Eitken - Folies misogynes
The Midnight Revolution – Little Bird
Pale Waves – Television Romance
Ruth - Thriller
Wolf Larsen – Kitchen Door
Spectular Spectular - Her Story
Crystal Coast – Glitter
Circle the sky - From your throat
Cripper - Animal of prey
Dreaming Dead - Overload
Rosemary Fairweather – Chemicals
Pink Military - Degenerated man
Chalk Circle - The Slap


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