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Keep The Rage du vendredi 20 juin: In grind we trust

Mardi 24 Juin 2014

ktr20062014.mp3 KTR20062014.mp3  (54.98 Mo)


01.Fuck The Facts - A Contre-Courant 
02.Chulo - Realidad Holográfica 
03.Teething - Self-Extiction 01:36
04.Beatriz Carnicero - Licuado De Cerebro 
05.Grinding - Mentias Teñidas De Sangre 
06.The Drip - Mother Of All Bastards 
07.The Communion - Stirrups 
08.Don Garnelli - Weak Interaction
09.Ampallang Infection - Healing In Reverse 
10.Autopsy On The Horizon - Shotgun Anal 
11.Cocaine Breath - Just For Funs 
12.Contusions - Re-Reading Descriptive Details Of Nu
13.Corrupt Bastards - Guilty Pleasure 
14.DeathTrap - Swine 
15.Dendam Kesumat - Global Warming 
16.Detroit - Too Long 
17.Gozer - ...And So Is Dr. Phil 
18.Mombok - Absolute Hate 
19.Finality - False Sense Of Security/Eradicate/Stand Alone 
20.Knifewound - Puttin On The Foil 
21.Kindergarden Hazing Ritual - Hacking Your Model Mayhem Account To Say You Do Interracial Gangbangs 
22.Horsebastard - Order 66 
23.Faction Disaster - Garbage Grinder 
24.Jeffery Dahmer - Junkie Head 
25.G.E.C.K. - Egg Chen 
26.Jungle Juice - Blind 
27.Infected Womb - Karma Flux 
28.Man Will Destroy Himself - Apathy Nurtured Oblivion 
29.Human Cull - Never Smile
30.Mother Brain - Death Bed
31.P.O.O.R - American Idolatry 
32.Phylum - Constant Restraint 
33.PNG - Killing For Dystopia
34.Proletar - Outsourcing 
35.Sepsis - Malignancy 
36.Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients - Mislead & Miserable
37.Shoveit! - Jaded
38.Universal Remonster - Shit, Shower, Suicide 
39.Planetary Disfigurement - Hate Fueled 
40.Sordo - My Stomach Sticks Out Further Than My Dick 
41.To The Point - Pig
42.Wake The Machines - What's Gonna Happen To All My Cats When I Die/Cats Rule Everything Around Me 
43.Your Enemy - A Glance Of Nothing 
44.Crutch - Separation 
45.Ultra//Negative - Marked
46.Water Torture - Attn: Starved
47.xBADSYSTEMx - Chaos And Restraint 
48.False Light - Praxis 
49.Priapus - Adversus 

Hervé - Keep The Rage

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