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Lets go Unite 22h-23h
1h de sélection stricly vinyle ou le reggae music oscille entre roots, dub, stepper, et digital!!un voyage musical conscient et profond! Lets Go Unite!!

La Corpo dub est un collectif d'activiste basé dans le sud vendée! passionnée de culture sound sytem dub depuis des années, c'est naturellement qu'il commence à collectionner des vinyles, puis construire leur propre sound sytem afin de partager les vibes consciente et massives du reggae music!

Lets Go Unite mix 20

Mix by Max Corpo Dub 1/ SHAKARA-7"-(2001)TAKE HEAD/LOPEZ WALKER 2/ JAH YOUTH MUSIC-7"-EMPRESS MENEN/UWIMANA 3/ Sama Roots-7"-The Wicked / Rootsamala 4/ Foundation Sound-7"-Feeling The Pressure / Dandelion 5/ River Bank Records-7"-Marcus Salute / Mafia And Fluxy And Winston Rose 6/ Reggae On Top-7"-Guns And Bombs / Barry Issac 7/ Dan Man ‎– Righteous Man/ Indica dubs 8/ Iwake sound 9/...

Lets Go Unite mix 16

Mix By Max Corpo Dub Mixtape 16   1/ Johnny Osbourne -inflation – Techniques 7” 2/ King Shiloh Majestic Music-12"-Rally Round / Earl 16 3/ CHANNEL ONE SOUND SYSTEM-12"-HEAR ME WHEN I CALL/SISTER NAFFI I + EACH AND EVERYWHERE/RAS KAYLEB 4/ Debtera Records-12"-Inity / Sista Sherin + Fire / Sista Kata 5/ Ashanti Selah-7"-Glorious Days / Dan I Locks + Forever More / I Jah Salomon 6/...

Lets Go Unite Mix 14

Mix By Max Corpo Dub Mixtape 14   1/ Disciples vintage-10"-Nebuchadnezzar  / Creation stepper 2/Dub Tunnel Records-10"-Freedom Fighter / Echo Ranks 3/ Dougie Conscious-Eek a mouse-Dubplate 4/Jah Tubbys-10"-Highstep Dub / Vibronics 5/ Maasai Warrior-10"-Like A Warrior / Joseph Lalibela 6/ Disciples vintage-10"- Bass Theme / Disciples 7/ MrDill Lion Warriah - Ghetto Life- Saint...

Lets Go Unite Mix 13 Jahlane

Pour fêter Noel cest encore Jahlane qui nous prpose une sélection 100% Roots!! Que du bonheur! Bonnes fetes a tous Corpo Dub crew

Lets go Unite Mix 11

Mix By Max Corpo Dub Dub in Town Vibes Mixtape 11   1/ Jambila Music-12"Ep-The System Hold The Poor Man Down / Father Culture and versions 2/ Instrument Of Jah-10"-Suffer + Soulshine / Amelia Harmony 3/ Mikal Rose Lionpaw I love king Selassie 4/ Roots Cooperation-7"-Sound System / Jacko And Daman 5/ Blackboard Jungle-12"- Farmer Song / Jacko - Rootical 45 6/ African Simba Jah No Dead...

Lets Go Unite Mix 10

Mix by Max Corpo dub Mixtape 10   1/ Talent-7"-False Rumour / Two Rasta Man (Stone & Stewart) 2/Natural Roots-7"-Children Of Jah / Natural Roots 3/ Jackpot-7"-African Roots / Johnny Clarke 4/ Chanan-Jah-10"-Nothing Is Impossible + Detour / The Inturns 5/Jomor-7"-Stop Them / Billy Joe Morgan 6/Truth Town Records-10"-General Penitentiary Ep 7/ Roots Meditation Records-12"- Jah Name...

Lets Go Unite mix 9

Mix By Max Corpo Dub Mixtape 9   1/ Weed Beat-7"-Test Press-Grubrick / Top Ranking JA 2/Cry Tuff-7"-Run Run / Rod Taylor 3/Iroko Records-7"-Reggae Music / Noel Ellis 4/ HIGH STEPPERS/MAFIA & FLUXY-7"-CANT LIVE LIKE THIS / THE GREAT BARRY BROWN 5/ Adi Shankar aft Kiangana From my eyes as can see 6/ Richie Davis – Grab on hold jah- Mafia and fluxy 10” 7/ Scoops-10"-It A Go Dread /...

Lets Go Unite Mixtape 6 Lelex Corpo Dub

Pour cette 6ème mixtape c'est Alex, sélecteur de la Corpo qui partage sa sélection!! Cool and nice Vibes!

Mixtape 4 Lets Go Unite

Mix by max Corpo Dub Tracklists 1/ Amussu Music-7"-By The Look In Your Eyes / Enos Mcleod & The Mighty Diamonds 2/ Rod Taylor ‎– His Imperial Majesty / Sun Moon And Stars 10” Dread at di controls 3/ Mystic-10"-What A Disaster / Junior Brown 4/ Cry In Soul Records-10"-Mighty Jahovia / Ras Mykha 5/ Sip A Cup Records-10"-Nuh Worry Wid It / Johnny Clarke 6/ CALABASH-10"-MAXIMUM SOUND MEETS...

Lets Go Unite mixtape 3

Mix by Max Corpo Dub Tracklists  1/ Iroko Records-12"-Feeling Like A Million / Merva Grier + We Are One / Hopeton Lindo 2/ Roots-7”- Gate of zion / Mighty Diamonds 3/ Charm-7”- Burning Fire/ Tony roots 4/ Scoops 7"-Lets Praise Jah-Tony Roots 5/ Tuff Scout-7"-Tear Down / Imaani 6/ Dubplate-7"-Deliver Me 7/ FALASHA RECORDINGS 12”-(ABA SHANTI I)-ROAD TO ZION/EMMAUEL JOSEPH 8/...
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