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Philanthrope - Cloudscapes (Hip-hop beats Mix)

Dimanche 2 Juillet 2017

'Cloudscapes' est un mix Hip hop Instrumental. Une belle selection de beats par Philanthrope, beat maker autrichien, également co-fondateur de Chillhop music et de Radio Juicy. 

Tracklist :

1- 2am by Comodo
2- Sunshine by The Deli
3- Brown Eyed Girl by Emune
4- Malik by Tusken
5- Clockwork (Unreleased) by Philanthrope
6- After Hours by Crooked Beats
7- Cosmos by Juan Rios
8- Fall in Love (skit) by Dramadigs
9- Nights on the roof by Moods
10- T8ps by Digitalluc
11- Tulips by Emune
12- Where is Leticia ? by Bao
13- Erykah by 22Rains
14- Go (ft. Wun Two) by CoryaYo
15- Slow down (ft. K Raydio) by Diverse & IanEwing
16- Get Dis Money (L-one remix) by Slum Village
17- Monsters by Kupla
18- Meditation of God by Melodiesinfonie
19- Purple Room by Tapecut