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Playlist - Août 2020

Mercredi 26 Août 2020

112-Spend It All
47 SOUL-Dabke System
Angela Muñoz - Can I Get Your Name
Beyoncé - Mood 4 Eva
Bishop The Overseer-Nation of Immigrants
Burna Boy - Wonderful
Cendrars-Bombay Express (ft. Ashon & Ras)
Deema - Hash Brown
Double H-Mélancolie
Everyday people a neo sly stone ex-Hot fun
Form - Change
Haim - I've Been Down
Hannah Williams & The Affirmations - Heart-Shaped Box MP3
Ibis Lawrence-Earth Will Take A Rest
John Legend - Actions
K-Ci Hailey-]bTears in Heaven
Kaitlyn Morell-My Forever
Katuchat - Together In Delight ft. Lia
Khruangbin - Pelota
Lucy Dreams - Know My Number
Lykuin - U don't know
Maïtagari-Aux Glaciers
Mickey - Wrap It Up
Mounika - Tender Love x Ocie Elliott
Orlando Dixon - Goin' up
Palffi - Of My Mind
Raphaelle-J'aime Pas Danser
Salaam Remi-Black Love (Teedra Moses, D. Nice)
Sinclair-Elle dit
Soul Inscribed - DJ Lift Me
Stand high Patrol-Blues
Sun Zulu-Raised In It
Tchers-A new Homeland
The Allergies-Rile Em Up (feat. Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith)
The Architect - Boogie Dola X Troy Berkley X Killa P
The Devonns - Blood Red Blues (Protest Song)
The Devonns - More
The Everettes - Leave Me Alone
The Everettes - Words Otis Sang
Tudyka-Mensh Gib Ach
Toronto tabla ensemble-Unexpected Guests
Vusumzi -Song About You
Youtar-Song of Bugaled-Breizh

Sylvain Delfau

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