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Playlist - Mai 2021

Mercredi 5 Mai 2021

Alex LB - I'll find a song
Ali Veejay - Last long
Anissa Altmayer - La Crise ft Florian Pellissier
Anomalie & Chromeo - Bend The Rules (MNDSGN Remix)
Archie Lee Hooker - It's A Jungle Out There
Aurel-Hier la plage
Axel Chill-comment vivre sans femmes
Balaphonics-Kokanisa Nabo feat Jupiter & Okwess
Balm - Pair Of Glasses
Bartone-Trois apaches
Binômes - Tracasse
Black Ship-Beautiful Day
C MI-Good day
Cedric Pytel-Song For Later
City Park - I Believe I'm Ready
Corentin Ollivier-Exhale
D Fine Us-Bad Luck ft. Pat Thomas
Dassie - Love me, Love me
Degiheugi - Nuday (feat. Andrre)
Electrik Ants-Place to Be
Eloise - Intertwined
Elvin dans les nuages-Primitif cool
F The Rain - Are we Lost Yet
Flyte-Everyones A Winner
Foxing - Go Down Together
Freelie - Fyah
Funkindustry-Gimme All You Got
G Rhyme General - Treeson ( Prod Jeep )
Ghostown - Breadstick Bowtie
Grand Soleil - What Are My Dreams
J. Hoard-Foolish
Joe Yorke-Quicksand (Stand High Patrol)
Jonas Winge Leisner - Sticky
Keybone - Your Number One
Kunta - Anything Goes
La Fine Equipe - Pemmican
Lbatt Amikisun-Reggae Music Number One
Les Gordon-What To Do _
Los Orioles-Crève les yeux
Lupo - Le Barrage
Mariaa Siga - Weetay live acoustique
Marka-Maftaboule marka
Monitors - The Drill
MØSI - Le temps où les arbres étaient vivants
Nicolas Ly - Rue de la Folie (radio edit)
Nitro Nitra-Cold Cold Soul ft Al Walser
Nuttea - Network
O.N.O - Don't You Know ft Praa
Obi-Turn Around
OoPino THE DON-elle
Pat Kalla - Il fait beau sous la pluie
Recreation!-Not The Same
Setenta-El bad boy
Shadow The Archangel - Song of Solomon
Shungudzo - There's only so much a soul can take
Slim & The Beast -Tongue Tied
SLUMB-Come and Get It ft CW Jones
Soul funk factory-Revolution
Square Tone-A brand new day
Steroman - Say Watcha!
Surferchild - Lie to me
Tambour Battant-Passinho Battant ft. Flavia Coelho (Makla Remix)
The Lyonz-Birds Eye View
The Supermen Lovers - Requiem for a bitch Feat. Yann Destal
Tihoussay Tenere - Iswat
Toke - The Sun Has Died
Tonton Al - Tonton on the dancefloor
Tony Allen-Cosmosis (feat Ben Okri & Skepta)
Violette-Fille à Papa
Wachies-Unda Sway
Yaya Bey-we'll skate soon
Young Pulse-Love Will Bring It

Sylvain Delfau

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