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Podcast Reggae Oldies - Blue Cat dans Reggae Train

Lundi 29 Juin 2020

Session consacrée à Blue Cat, sous label d’Island puis plus tard de Trojan/B & C records. On compte environ 70 singles sur le label de 1968 à 1969. C’est un label collector pour les fans de skinhead reggae, on y trouve des titres comme: The Pioneers – Shake It Up, Keith Blake With Lynn Taitt Band – Musically, The Uniques – Girls Like Dirt, The Slickers – Nana...

Playlist by Chico Selecta

0915_lundi_22h_reggae_train_session_36_blue_cat_label.mp3 Reggae Train - Blue Cat dans Reggae Train  (54.02 Mo)

The Freedom Singers – Come Together
Sound Dimension – The Wild Bunch
Lee Arab – These Eyes
Clancy Eccles – Bag A Boo
Laurel Aitken – Reggae 69
Tommy McCook – Mary Poppins
Owen Gray – Girl what you’re doing to me
The Viceroys – Lips & Tongue
The Groovers – Day by Day
Frederick Bell – Rocksteady Cool
Derrick Morgan Greedy gal
The Rudies – Engine 59
The Westmorelites – Miss hiti tite
Jackie Mittoo – Soul Call
The Heptones – Pretty looks isn’t all
Dobby Dobson – Ride me donkey
The Wailers – Put it on
King Perry – Doctor Dick
Three Tops – It’s raining
The Mohawks – Let it be
The Maytones – Straighten Up
Winston Groovy – Yellow Bird
Podcast Reggae Oldies - Blue Cat dans Reggae Train


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