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Rock 'n' Roll Party #58

Samedi 26 Mai 2018

Au programme de cette émission un cocktail de classiques des 50 's, des groupes récents, de la musique US mais aussi du British. du rockabilly, du jump blues, du swing ...

Jake Calypso and his Red Hot: Torrid love 
Gene Vincent: That's the trouble with love
Cliff Richard: My feet hit the ground
Jesse Thomas: Let's have some fun
The Downbeats: Have an affair
Ronnie Dawson: Rockin' bones
Crazy Cavan and Rhythm Rockers: Are you still crazy?
Big Joe Turner: Flip, flop and fly
The Stray Cats:  Rockabilly rules
Derrell Felts: Playmates
Dwight Yoakam: Home of the blues
Al Willis and the New Swingsters: Rock-a-bye baby rock
Chrome Daddies: Gear up daddy
Chuck Berry: Maybellene   Live
The Trashmen and Deke Dickerson: Olds-mo William
Joakim Tinderholt: You gotta do more
Mars Attacks: You'll never break me
Benny Joy: Steady with Betty
Scotty Baker with Coral Lee: Love not money
Webb Pierce: Teenage boogie
The Rhythm Cadillacs: Rockin' at the rhythm
Dennis Herrold: Make with the lovin'
The Sensations: Let me in   
The Rip 'em ups: Killswitch! 
Patsy Cline: Crazy
r__n__r_party__58.mp3 R'n'R Party #58.mp3  (150.37 Mo)

Stéphane HENRY

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