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Rock 'n' Roll Party #71 Une plongée dans les classiques des 50's mais aussi toutes les nouveautés, le Jump blues des 40's, le Rockabilly Revival des 80's ...

Samedi 17 Novembre 2018

Au programme de cette émission un cocktail de classiques des 50 's, des groupes récents, de la musique US mais aussi du British. du rockabilly, du jump blues, du swing ...

Mischief: Say mama
Buddy Covelle: Lorraine
The Jets: Millionaire hobo
Tommy Tucker: High heel sneakers
Imelda May: Don't do me no wrong
Glen Glenn: One cup of coffee and a cigarette
Tiny Bradshaw: Walk that mess
Ricky James: Knee deep in the blues
The Planet Rockers: One's all the law will allow
Gene Vincent: She she little Sheila
The Lennerockers: Puttin' on the style
Glen Doran and the Prairie Echoes: Mama don't allow
Mars Attacks: Four tired car
The Morgan Twins: TV hop
Jimmie Dolan: Hot rod race
The Delta Bombers: Lock the door
Ezra Lee: Motor head baby
Mac Curtis: If I had me a woman
The Domestic Bumblebees: Break up bop
Al Willis: Sock beat bop
Memphis Rockabilly Band: Betty Jean
Buddy Holly: Love's made a fool of you
Rosie Flores and Janis Martin: Blues keep  callin'
Duane Eddy: First love, first tears
Etta James: All I could do was cry
r__n__r_party__71.mp3 R'n'R Party #71.mp3  (145.28 Mo)