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Rock 'n' Roll Party #80 Une plongée dans les classiques des 50's mais aussi toutes les nouveautés, le Jump blues des 40's, le Rockabilly Revival des 80's ...

Samedi 19 Janvier 2019

Au programme de cette émission un cocktail de classiques des 50 's, des groupes récents, de la musique US mais aussi du British. du rockabilly, du jump blues, du swing ...

The Stray Cats: Runaway boys
Conway Twitty: Pretty eyed baby
Chris Powell and the Five Blue Flames: Rock the joint 
Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers: Big black Cadillac
The Same old shoes: Shake 'em up baby
Roc LaRue: Baby take me back
Little Junior's Blue Flames: Feelin' good
Tommy Collins: You gotta have a license
The Skiprats: You cut me up
Elvis Presley: Trouble
Jake Calypso and Archie Lee Hooker and the Boogie Combo: Vance, Mississippi …
Smith's Ranch Boys: High geared daddy
Carl Bradychok: Honey don't
Ronnie Self: You're so right for me
Vicky Tafoya and the Big Beat: Never let go
Art Baxter and his Rock'n'Roll Sinners: Rock you Sinners
Kim Lenz and her Jaguar: Choctaw Boogie
Debbie Stevens: If you can't rock me
The Drifting Sailors: Homeward bound
Johnny Cash: Southern accents
Marco Di Maggio: My lovin' baby
Jerry Lee Lewis: Big blond baby
Chris Isaak: Wicked game
The Brian Setzer Orchestra: Sleepwalk
Brian Setzer: That someone just ain't you
r__n__r_party__80.mp3 R'n'R Party #80.mp3  (83.37 Mo)

Stéphane HENRY