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Rock 'n' Roll Party #97 Une plongée dans les classiques des 50's mais aussi toutes les nouveautés, le Jump blues des 40's, le Rockabilly Revival des 80's ...

Samedi 18 Mai 2019

Au programme de cette émission un cocktail de classiques des 50 's, des groupes récents, de la musique US mais aussi du British. du rockabilly, du jump blues, du swing ...

Rhythm Sophie: Fujiyama mama
Carl Perkins: Daddy sang bass                        
Mike Sanchez: All she wants to do is rock               
The Doel Brothers: What's the matter baby
Brian Setzer: Really rockabilly                    
Ritchie Valens: Come on let's go
"Champion" Jack Dupree: Let's have a ball
Little Jimmy Dickens: Salty boogie
Sonny West: Doin' the boogie                            
Gene Simmons: Drinkin' wine
Tiny Bradshaw: I'm gonna have myself a ball
The Jets: Can't keep a good man down
The Rhythm Torpedoes: Still in love
Jerry Lee Lewis: What'd I say
The Kirchin Band: Mother goose jumps
Weldon Henson: Too much fun
The Mad Men: Cos you're my baby
Lew Williams: Abracadra
Sandy Lee: Bye bye young men
Ricky Nelson: Fools rush in
The Rockabeats: Three alley cats
Ken Cook: Don't be runnin' wild (problem child) 
Little Lou: He's real gone guy
Ati Edge and the Shadowbirds: Hot rod racing
Jackson Browne: True love ways                     
r__n__r_party__97.mp3 R'n'R Party #97.mp3  (77.57 Mo)


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