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Blues Alley du 17 Mars 2023 - Blues Alley - Radio Laser - Média citoyen de proximité

Blues Alley - Blues Alley du 17 Mars 2023

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Le blues de sa naissance à nos jours dans tous ses styles et ses dérivés c'est dans Blues Alley.

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Big Jack REYNOLDS - Poor boy - That’s a good way to get to heaven - Third Street Cigar Records
Yank RACHELL’S TENNESSEE JUG BUSTERS - Stop knocking at my door - Mandolin blues - Delmark Records
Ernest LANE - What kind of love - The blues is back! - Acoustic Music Records
Eddy GILES - Love with a feeling - Southern soul brother - Ace Records
Janice HARRINGTON - You got me running - Magic - Nagel Meyer Records
David GOGO - Bad faces - Halfway to Memphis - Dixiefrog
Texas ALEXANDER - Levee camp moan blues - Complete Recordings - Document Records
Stan MOSLEY - Don’t make me creep - The soul singer - Malaco
BLUES ADDICTION - You never told me - Keep on doin’ it - Scana
Ervin CHARLES - Jumpin’ with Ervin - Greyhound blues - Dialtone Records
Blind Willie JONHSON - I know his blood can make me whole - The complete - Columbia
Millage GILBERT - Let’s straighten it out - 3 faces - Red Hot Records
Lou Ann BARTON - Sugar coated love - Read my lips - Antone’s Records
Lou Ann BARTON - The sudden stop - Old enough - Antone’s Records
‘’Earring’’ George MAYWEATHER - Cheatin’ on me - Whup it! Whup it! - Tone Cool Records

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