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Playlist de Radio Laser Avril 2015

Jeudi 16 Avril 2015

Alex Soorès-Priyèr si priyèr
Atili Bandalero-Tomorrow (ft Prendy)
Barbagallo-Ca, tu me
Bhy2r-Rebel soul
Boulevard des airs-Emmene moi
Caribou-All I Ever Need
City Kay-Here Before
Condate-Une Allumette
Criolo-Cartao de Visita
Curtis Harding-Keep On Shining
David Garlitz-You Gotta Move
Deer-Old moon
Disorder Kid-Everybody knows the high chick
Dj Oil-Yes It Is
Grant Lazlo-Alibi afternoon
Guts-Want It Back (ft Patrice)
HK et les Saltimbanks-Le manouche du Ghetto
Idris Elba-Home (ft Maverick Sabre)
Is Tropical-Crawl
Jane Weaver-Don't Take My Soul
Janice In The Noise-Sleeping Witch
Jr Yellam-Hold a medi
Lucas Santtana-Diário de uma Bicicleta (ft De Leve)
Moutain Men-La Nouvelle Tare
Nefertiti in the kitchen-Purple Lady
Power Solo-New Fashioned Girl
Rachael Dadd-Strike our scythes
Sallie Ford-Coulda been
Sarah Bessie-Sorry
Shake Shake Go-England Skies
Silk Rhodes-Pains
SoulParlor-The Groove Is On feat. Raziel Jamaerah
Stand High Patrol-Sleep on It
STROY & PAUL DAVY-Universal Love
Taggy Matcher-My Man (feat. LMK)
Taggy Matcher-Sugar Man (ft Birdy Nixon)
The 2 Bears-Not This Time
The Avener-Castle In The Snow (ft Kadebostany)
The Budos Band-Into the Fog
The Dark Blue Orchestra-If Dreams Can't Come True
The Funky Raccoons-Back Pack
The Talks-Don't look behind you
Tony Allen-Go Back (ft Damon Albarn)
Trust Fund-Finishing Your Dinner
Yael Naim-Dream In My Head
Yeallow Homebred-Be sure

Sylvain Delfau

Tags : guichen, musique

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