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Rock 'n' Roll Party #26

Samedi 14 Octobre 2017

Au programme de cette émission un cocktail de classiques des 50 's, des groupes récents, de la musique US mais aussi du British. du rockabilly, du jump blues, du swing ...

PLAYLIST #26                    
John Lewis and his Trio: Flat-top cat
Charlie Rich: Whirlwind
Dave and Deke Combo: l'm just too lazy                 
B-men & Ronnie Dawson: Squeaky
Sonny West: Doin' the boogie
Little Richard: Ready teddy
Tony Crombie and his Rockets: Sticks and Stones
Shotgun: Hot rock 
Josie Kreuzer: So-called boyfriend
Hank Mizell: Jungle rock  
Johnny Cash: The man comes around
Ted and the Talltops: Crazy date
The Blue Cats: Jumpin' little mama
Werly Fairburn: Telephone baby
John Fred: Shirley
Candye Kane: Who walks in when l walk out
Brian Setzer: Peroxyde blonde in a hopped up  model Ford L
The Bluesmiles: Love with no filter
Jerry Lee Lewis: Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers: Why do fools fall in love
Justin Tubb: Rock it on down to my house
Merle Haggard: l'm a Lonesome fugitive
r__n__r_party__26.mp3 R'n'R Party #26.mp3  (139.68 Mo)

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